July 21, 2010

Tomas Perez-Acle

Dr. Tomas Perez-Acle, Head of the Computational Biology Lab (DLab)

Me and the Moai at Rapa Nui. Take a look at the size of the Moais!

Tomas is the head of the Computational Biology Lab.

Dr. Tomas Perez-Acle, Ph. D.

email: tomas at dlab dot cl

Phone: +56-2-9784603

My scientific interests are related with the multiscale modeling of complex biological phenomena by using High Performance Computing techniques.

Other scientific interests include Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics, Nanotechnology, Astronomy and Astrophysics and Chaos.

I’m a Rugby player (I’m currently playing at Cóndores de Manquehue number 4/5, at second row) but I used to play volleyball for a long time (as middle blocker or central line).

I’m also Black Belt in Tae Kwon-do (WTF), former student of Masters Humberto Norambuena and Rubén Alegre.

Philosophically speaking, I consider myself as a contructivist and secular person.

Here you can download my updated CV.

Tomas Perez-Acle

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