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Computational Biology Lab (DLab)


A multiscale approach to the computational modelling of Life

Molecular Modeling

Computer-based modeling and simulations of biomolecules and nanoscale systems


Inference, characterization and dynamics of complex networks


Agent and rule based stochastic modeling of complex biological systems

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Welcome to the Computational Biology Laboratory
Advanced research, training and outreach

The Computational Biology Lab (DLab) is a transdisciplinary laboratory for fundamental and applied research belonging to Fundación Ciencia y Vida (FCV), Santiago, Chile.

DLab is associated to the Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso (CINV), a Millenium Institute housed at the Universidad de Valparaiso.

  • Scientific papers, books, patents and other contributions in science and technology

  • Financial support to conduct scientific research

  • General public lectures, movies and other activities


A transdisciplinary environment composed by people coming form different scientific disciplines
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Dr. Tomas Perez-Acle

Biologist. PhD in Biotechnology
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Dr. Calixto Dominguez

Microbiologist. PhD in Biotechnology
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Dr. Jose Antonio Garate

Engineer in Molecular Biotechnology. PhD in Chemical Engineering
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Dr. Alberto J. Martin

Biologist. PhD in Computer Sciences
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Dr. Felipe Villanelo

Biochemist. Ph. D (c)
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Dr. (C) Sebastian Gutierrez

Biochemist. Phd Student
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Alejandro Bernardin

Physicist. PhD Student
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Yerko Escalona

Engineer in Molecular Biotechnology. Master Student
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Ignacio Fuenzalida

Computer Scientist
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Claudia Pareja

Bioinformatics Engineer. Ph. D Student
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Sebastian Contreras

Bioinformatics Engineer. Ph. D Student
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Carlos Yañez

Physics Student
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Alvaro Bustos

Mathematical Engineering student . Student of Master in Engineering Science , Mathematics mention


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